The United States of America

MAY 4 - september 30, 2007


Experience the wide diversity and beauty of America as you travel across the continent with us. We have explored the elegant South from points north in New England to Savannah, Georgia and Natchez, Mississippi. As we crossed the border of Louisiana into Texas heading toward Dallas, the West began. It was evidenced by the golden grasslands, wide plains, and sparse plantations of trees, These western characteristics contrasted with the lush  landscape of the Virginias, the Carolinas, and Georgia where hundreds of miles of trees and deep forests abundantly paralleled every highway. The day of the biggest visual surprise occurred when we drove eight hours from Asheville, N.C. to Jekyll Island, Georgia. We began our day on a winding mountain road with dark green ceiling. We ended the day under an enormous, cloud-filled blue sky, a great dome which hovered above bright green marsh grass bordering the Atlantic Ocean. Our second highest contrast day was on the drive to West Texas where we began in Austin and ended at Cibolo Creek Ranch, near the border of Mexico. Millions of acres of desert with mountain backdrops opened before us in an endless expanse of color and texture, land and sky. New Mexico is beautiful; its high plains desert and adobe houses made us think we’d entered a foreign land. Colorado impressed us with its lushness ... with its fast running rivers, dense forests and forbidding mountains. Utah was wild with its vast and varied mountains, its canyons and river gorges, and its surreal rock formations. Arizona was arid, rocky and captivating; the entry point to the Grand Canyon. Nevada was surprisingly sweltering, with high plains desert, mountain vistas, and deep ravines surrounding the rugged desert lands. California was everything: temperate to hot, foggy to clear, a rugged coastline with crashing waves, smooth sandy beaches, rolling hills, sky-high trees, and mountains. In one day, we hiked through tall, mossy redwood forests, walked along a rocky beach, kayaked  on a clear river, and tasted the wine of the vineyards. What a life!


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Upper Left: Salem Bay, Beverly, Massachusetts. Lower left:  View over the flooded rice fields at Middleton, Plantation, outside Charleston, North Carolina. Center: Rainbow over the Grand Canyon. Upper Right: View at Cibolo Creek Ranch near Big Bend National Park and the Rio Grande border with Mexico. Lower Right: Point Joe on the Monterrey Peninsula overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

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