The United States of America

september 6 - 30, 2007

California, on the far west coast of America, seemed like a distant dream when we first set out on our transcontinental drive from New York City. We took our time getting there, not because we were slow, but because there were some many wonderful things to see and do on the way out west! Driving our own car and bringing along our bicycles created the flexibility we needed to fully explore the country and the beauty of this state. In California, the landscape changed constantly and dramatically. In the course of one day we could be on the beaches, in the redwood forest, then, in the vineyards tasting wine. The weather was perfectly beautiful, with balmy days and cool nights, a refreshing change after the heat of Nevada. Henry and I also loved seeing family on the west coast. The roster included Henry’s son, Fred, who lives in the San Francisco area, and  his daughter, Alicia, who traveled from Colorado to join us in Sausalito, were such fun.  Also, Henry’s niece (brother John’s daughter) Sophie, and her lovely family are San Francisco residents. They welcomed us warmly and gave us a wonderful send-off for our international travels on the eve of our flight to Japan.

PHOTOS: Left Column: 1. Pacific Ocean, near Sonoma. 2. The gardens at San Simeon. 3. A Pacific Ocean beach, near Cambria, complete with surfer. 4. A grove of olive trees in Napa Valley. Center, Top:  Three Graces at  San Simeon, Hearst Castle. Center, Bottom: Bougainvillea vine, Santa Barbara. Right Column: 1. Ornamental orange tree, San Simeon.  2. Garden with palm trees, Hearst Castle. 3. View of the Pacific from San Simeon. 4. Redwood trees in the Armstrong Forest.

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California Dreamin’