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May 3, 2007


Here we are, New Yorkers, standing on the terrace of our occasional, new New York visiting spot, the Knickerbocker Club on Fifth Avenue. Metaphorically, this terrace is the dividing line between our old life and the new one, yet to unfold.  This was a big day which included a real estate closing on our New York City property, a Ladies’ Lunch for me  and my friends, and a Black Tie benefit event for the Pasteur Institute as guests of Guy Robinson and Elizabeth Stribling, later that evening. Henry had already ended his half-century long career as an international Trust and Estate lawyer, a Deutsche Bank CEO Private Bank banker, and a consultant to family offices, at last, with one goal in mind: to have fun. He grew up at 770 Park Avenue in New York City as a fifth-generation New Yorker, a member of the Steinway family, inventors and creators of the modern  piano, and builders of the  the first concert hall in the city. Central Park, laid out beneath the towering buildings and the trees pictured behind us,  was his playground. Henry’s father, Frederick J. Ziegler, played chess everyday at the “Knick”, and lived a creative life as a sculptor, a play write, and a father of three. His lifestyle, what Henry playfully refers to as a “life of freedom”, is the example and  the inspiration for Henry’s big change in direction. Because his father was born in 1886, his own life touches three centuries. To explore the world from this vantage point is unique; and, it is a blessing. On the other hand, I approached this moment with a different point of view. As an artist, I never planned to “retire” because, as a workaholic of sorts, I never felt I was “done”!  The most important and exciting work was always the work that was in my imagination, the embryo yet to be “born”.  Giving up home, the one I had worked to create and maintain,  was not easy, either. So, with many mixed emotions, I packed up my art, and put it in storage to be managed by Ron Varney, a friend and international art professional, with Sotheby’s as his background. Partnered with Henry,  I sold, gave away, and stored the “stuff” of our New York life and home.  Then, I turned my attention to creating life as art with the man of my dreams! This website is a document of this journey, something I am so pleased to share with you. Check my blog page entitled: “The Decision to Travel” to read more about our transition. And, now, onward to creating that life!

PHOTOS: Left: Jourdan Arpelle-Ziegler on the terrace at the Knickerbocker Club. Buildings in the background face Central Park South. Center Top:/Bottom: Garden sculpture, Cupid and Venus in the garden of Harry & Elenita Lodge on Salem Bay in Massachusetts. Photos of the roses are from their garden as well, lovingly attended by Harry’s green thumb! Right: Henry Steinway Ziegler on the terrace at the Knickerbocker Club in New York. Buildings behind him are the Time Warner towers at Columbus Circle.

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