The west, the United States of America

July 7-22, 2007


Big Skies, billions of stars, millions of acres of land as far as the eye can see, are all accurate descriptions of being in the west that is Texas. There is a beauty in the emptiness, the silence, and the space. The heat sizzling on the horizon, the miles and miles of beautiful highway, the vastness of it all, is truly captivating. Like a deep meditation, one can adapt to the stillness and feel “at peace” in this tranquility  When Henry and I slowed down, stopped, let the dust settle, got out of the car, and hiked or toured the landscape, we were as enthralled by the beauty of the details, as we were by the grandeur of the landscape. Whether the land was dry and brittle, or lush and green by waters edge, it was beautiful. We loved being there, basking in the expansiveness of it all.

PHOTOS: Left Column: 1. Canyons on the Rio Grande. 2. Big Bend National Park.   3. A “Loco” weed, eaten by cattle, it makes them crazy. 4. Emerald green beetle found at Cibolo Creek Ranch. Center, Top: View in Big Bend National Park. Center, Bottom:  Detail, Prickly Pear Cactus, shaped like a heart. My valentine: Love is sometimes prickly! Right Column: 1. Wildflowers in the canyons of the Rio Grande River. 2. View of the canyons between Big Bend and the Rio Grande River. 3. Scott McGehee, Ranch Manager, Cibolo Creek Ranch. 4. Bison, part of a herd a Cibolo Creek Ranch.

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