The South

The United States of America

June 11 - july 9, 2007


Our travels in the South can best be described as languid, lazy, and lovely. The temperatures were summer-warm, but the company was cool. We loved the pace and poise of the old south, the food, the music, and the charm of it all. There was history here, with architecture, monuments, and museums to support the facts. We loved the sporting life of walks, tennis, kayaking, biking and swimming. Landscapes were lush and green, rivers were wide, and views of the Atlantic or the Inland Waterway were glorious. The South helped us slow down, smell the roses, and embrace our new lifestyle. It reminded us that the “Livin’ is Easy”!

PHOTOS: Left Column: 1.The Homestead’s garden, with the date of its founding written in boxwood. 2. Flowers from The Biltmore’s greenhouse. 3. Dorothy Draper’s light hearted interior design details: The outdoor pool at The Greenbrier. 4. Center, Top: Jourdan on the porch at The Homestead. Center, Bottom: Henry at The Biltmore. Right Column: 1. The golf course at The Greenbrier. 2. Jekyll Island Club’s historic hotel. 3. Arbor at The Biltmore. 4. The mighty Mississippi River in Natchez, Mississippi.

Photo Credit:  Photo of Jourdan, Center, Top: Henry Steinway Ziegler

All other photos by JAZ

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