utah & nevada

The United States of America

August 19 - September 7, 2007


Travels through Utah and Nevada were arid and hot during the heat of summer in  late August and early September.  However, the big goal for our entire trip was to make it to Las Vegas, Nevada by September 1st. Henry had booked Western River Expeditions for a rafting expedition in the Grand Canyon, scheduled to meet in Las Vegas, Nevada. We liked the idea of being flown by helicopter into the Grand Canyon to raft down the Colorado River and sleep on her beaches under the stars. Even with this deadline, Henry and I paced our drive through Utah so that we could thoroughly enjoy the natural beauty of this land. We hiked in Arches National Park, Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park, Capitol Reef, Canyon Lands National Park and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. All these adventures were in preparation for the “big one” as we went down to the Colorado River where we learned firsthand about geology and the formations of all these amazing wonders. The scenic drives and the sheer joy of simply being in this landscape, surrounded by the immensity of this extraordinary beauty, was truly awe inspiring. It will always be with us.

PHOTOS: Left Column: 1 .Cathedral Canyon, Moab, Utah. 2. Canyonlands National Park, near Moab, Utah.  3. Bar 10 Ranch landscape, 10 miles from the Grand Canyon. 4. Western River Expeditions raft on the Colorado River, the Grand Canyon. Center, Top: Desert flowers, Utah. Center, Bottom: Henry, at the Bar 10 Ranch in Nevada.  Right Column: 1. “Mushroom” formations, Canyonlands National Park. 2. Navajo Arch, Arches National Park. 3. Bryce Canyon. 4. The Grand Canyon, viewed from the North Rim.

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